Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sisterhood of The Traveling Diesel Fayza Jeans.

A while back, I was catching up one of my favorite blogs Raindrops of Sapphire (yay, Lorna!) and came across a post on the Diesel 'Fayza' jeans. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have a pair! I immediately went to eBay and found a pair here in the US (a size 27) as well as a pair from adorable Lorna herself (a size 26)!

I purchased them both and eagerly awaited their arrivals. The size 27s came first:

Although I was diggin't he super dark wash and leather detail on the back pockets, they were just too saggy for my taste. They ARE meant to have a dropped crotch, boyfriend kinda fit but I was pretty much swimming in these babies!

Lorna's came shortly after. Super fast actually, all the way from England to West Coast USA!

The color isn't as dark but I think I like this wash too AND the 26 fits much better!

I rolled the ankles up and added a studded Gap belt this time around. Again, paired with my Schutz pumps.

Loving these jeans and I think it's really neat that I scored them from a fellow blogger halfway across the world!!! Thank you, Lorna!!! :-)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Natural blondes can do ombre too!

I have a few posts I never got around to while we were moving into the house so I thought it was about time to catch up and share!

This one is my ombre hair. I did have it professionally done at Gene Juarez in Tacoma, WA. It was pretty spendy (they charge for a full balayage) but well worth it because I really don't think I could have done this myself.

Unfortunately this second pic was after I got home from the salon.
It started to downpour and I had to bolt to my car...which of course was in a parking spot a million miles away from the entrance of the mall because I like the exercise! So, hair product + rain = that.

It hasn't damaged my hair too much, although I did start with virgin locks! Yep, it was hard but I grew out/chopped off all of my color treated hair and went totally natural for 2 years!

I do use a bit of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (mixed into a paste) every few weeks as a "mask" on my ends to keep them on the white side. I might try to touch this up myself in another month or so but I have a feeling I'll chicken out and pay someone to do it again.

As a natural blonde, I find that it's subtle and noticeable at the same time!
I like it! :-)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Coffee Table.

I had an idea of what I wanted in our living room and today (at a thrift store!) I found it!
It needs a little TLC but it's long, skinny and perfectly mid-century!

I have to say, this whole chalk paint craze is really driving me crazy. Now don't get me wrong, I love upcycled furniture but lately, I think it's been overdone. I think that if people aren't careful, there will be this whole generation of people looking back on this furniture wondering why we felt the need to ruin it.

As soon as I shared this picture on my Facebook, everyone seemed to say, "Are you going to tear it apart and make it something completely different?!" Besides the damage, there is NOTHING wrong with this table and I have no intention of taking away from its historical integrity. :-)

Project pics to come...

Today I turn the big THREE-OH.

Today is my birthday. I'm not really excited about it but I'm not that depressed (yet). I'm starting to notice wrinkles and laugh lines that I don't much care for and I finally have an understanding for what people have always called a "biological clock". That's probably the worst part about turning 30 (for me anyway). People I know don't just have babies, they have kids that are in school who can walk, talk and act like assholes. Then there's ME. No kids. I still don't know if I ever actually pictured myself with kids before we found out that my husband had CAVD (quick explanation, tubes aren't connected down there). I think it was just something I thought I'd do like everyone else. I think that's why I get sad, because I'm this weirdo who is different. There's really nothing wrong with being different but unless you're in similar shoes, you have no idea how uncomfortable it gets when people start talking about stuff their kids are doing, the stages they go through. I'll just be like, "Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about and no similar stories to share...do you like this season's [insert trend]? Oh...you stopped wearing designer clothes when your baby threw up on you...?" It's all downhill from there. When you can't get together for play dates or swap babysitting for date nights it feels like you have nothing left to offer and you become friendless. More and more, I find myself looking for blogs to follow or comment on, to strike up conversation with people who have similar interests in fashion. I always wonder if these people think I'm a weirdo LOL. I just don't want to wallow in my kidless-ness (word?) and it makes me genuinely happy to talk about clothes. I'm not a weirdo. :-P

Someone recently told my husband that we were too selfish for kids and it's really bothered me. I know how they meant it but as usual, I over analyze! Isn't EVERYONE selfish before they have kids?!  Ugh, I just can't escape the association of getting older and having kids. There are no boundaries or tact. Wouldn't you just kind of figure there's some kind of issue there if two people have been married for almost 8 years and they don't have kids!? They either don't want them or can't have them so don't go offering up your, "Have you thought of..." buillshit. No, I don't have access to a medical Doctor OR the internet. Please do tell me what our options are.

I always feel like Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


For now, I'd like to think about my 9th birthday because it was the best ever. I had a huge sleepover and anybody who was anybody was there. My Mom had bought me a special sleepshirt with Catwoman on the front and I thought I was so bad ass. If I could find those same Pajamas on eBay, it might brighten my 30-year old spirits!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Picture Frames.

I love pictures of doors. Love them.

A few years ago, I took this picture at my MIL's farm in Minnesota and it's just sat on a memory card until now. I finally had it blown up and was stoked to get it framed!

Unfortunately, in order to keep the right scale, I had to go with a 12x18 print and it's proving to be difficult in locating a decent frame that isn't for a cheap poster.

I have a few large frames throughout the house that my Dad made out of old barn wood. Considering that the subject of this print IS old barn wood, I can't decide if it would be totally fitting or completely ridiculous to have a frame made of the same materials. 

I think I'll go pick up a stark white mat to pair this with and pester my Dad for a new frame! He always says that I can come over and build something but really, he builds and I just watch. Sometimes I'm trusted to sand things.

Thought this might be kind of neat mixed into the collage of family pictures I've started! :-)

That is my favorite picture of my husband on the left! He had just won the races at the skating rink on his birthday. What really makes this picture is the look on his face paired up with the fallen kiddo in the background LOL!

The picture frames above came from TJ Maxx...super cheap! $14.99 (11x14), $11.99 (8x10), and $6.99 (4x6). They didn't have a brand name on them so I used that neat little scanner app on my phone and found that they originally came from JCP where they're nearly 3 Xs the price, yikes.

Also want one of those industrial monogram letters to throw into the mix. When you spot them at places like Ross or TJ Maxx, I swear, they're always the weirdest letters. I ended up finding a really cool one on eBay for $35, might have to pick that up soon!

Fall Boots!

I do have quite the boot addiction but I'm trying to get better. See, I made this rule for myself where if I get a new pair, I have to sell an old pair. I don't always follow this rule but I'm really, really trying!

A while back I posted about wanting the Rag & Bone Harrow booties but the price tag is just INSANE. I ended up scoring a pair of H by Hudson Horrigan booties on eBay but for some reason, I never wore them. They were a size 38 and just a hair tight with the super thick wool socks I wear year-round. I finally gave up and sold them on eBay, determined to try something else from H by Hudson and when I saw a pair of Rosse booties in a size 39 for $60 (brand new in the box!), I pounced!

I'm not the biggest fan of zippers (I prefer pull-on styles, as the Horrigan was) but I'm finding that I actually wear these ones! Still can't believe the deal I got considering they're nearly $300 everywhere else I've looked. Gotta love eBay! I might try the Horrigans again if I can find a good deal on a size 39...I highly recommend sizing up in this brand!

As for the next boot...I had a pair of brown Frye Veronica boots about 4 years ago and for some reason, I sold them. When I was living in NC, I got to dreaming about them again and ended up picking them back up in the brown AND black. Recently, I have tried to wear them out and about and they hurt my feet! If this makes sense, I swear the top of the toe is too short. I have pretty slender, narrow feet so it shocks me to see some of the bigger girls wearing this boot (because they are a great boot for a larger calf!) in comfort. I usually wear 7.5 in Frye and even went up to an 8 in the Veronica so I'm really not sure what the deal is but I just don't think this style suits my foot well.

Anyway, LastCall was having their Columbus Day sale and I snagged some Ash 'Start' boots for $149.

Now, I'm not gonna lie. When these arrived, I was like, "Um, these are the WRONG boots..." because of that weird strappy thing on top!

Seriously, what is that strap doing there?!?!

Then I took it off and was like, "Ohhhhhhhhhh." These are the RIGHT boots! :-)

I like that the Ash boots are taller and don't have any hardware. I used to love Fryes buckles but as you can see, the straps flip out and don't lay flat. :-(

Oh yeah...and while the Fryes are a single layer, Ash is lined and substantial, still slouchy but less slouchy?

I was kind of hoping the Ash boots would replace my Fryes and I'm still a bit torn...

The Ash boots came all distressed and I don't worry about beating them up. Although, I would NEVER do that because I baby the hell out of my shoes. Seriously, I have little polishing parties on a regular basis.

The Fryes on the other hand, this color is meant to look shiny and flawless. I sorta wish I'd gone with one of the newer distressed colors. It's just that, any wear on these and they just look "old" to me (and they remind me of Santa Claus). Plus there's that weird toe issue. These and my brown ones do a lot of sitting on the shelf. Once I wear these Ash boots for a bit, I might sell both the Fryes and get another pair of Starts in 'Miel':

I really don't wear brown a whole lot but I hate to have a closet full of only black boots. That's enough to justify keeping a few brown pairs around for whenever the brown mood strikes!

These boots were originally $345 and after the Columbus Day Sale, they went back up to $249...going to creep on them until they go back down!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living Room Progress

More living room progress!

The walls look like they've lightened up a shade since completely drying and I'm quite happy with the color!

Our newest addition was drapes and as we all know, drapes can be expensive. I really couldn't cut corners in this room because of the large window so I ended up going with Pottery Barn after finding that custom drapes or even some panels I found in double-width on Overstock were pretty much the same price. Seemed stupid not to go with PB.

So, here they are!

I already had 40 curtain ring clips and was short another 8 for that skinny window on the left, waiting on some more from JCP.

A close up of the hardware:

A close up of the Pottery Barn Peyton Drape in 'Oatmeal'.
Still a bit wrinkled but I love the texture and the rich look they have being lined.

Curious about what's hanging from my vent?
It's a WoodWick Vent Freshener in Fireside. I love all of my candles and tarts but this thing is AWESOME! Whenever the air kicks on, it blows a fresh scent through the downstairs. :-)

Curtain Rods: Pottery Barn Essential Drape Rods
We went with the cast-iron finish, a small on the skinny window and XL on the big one.
I loved their simplicity and "industrial" look but mostly, I was diggin' the fact that they're curved so they create an awesome blackout effect when watching movies!!

Curtain Clip Rings: JCP Home Rings
I already had most of these from a previous window (from a clearance rack a few years ago!) but ordered another pack for the skinny window. Now I'll have a few extras, just in case. I really hate how they sell these rings in odd number sets! For a regular panel, you'd need 10 and the packs have 7 or 14...stupid!

Drapes: Pottery Barn Peyton Pole Pocket Panels
Color: Oatmeal
Our windows were just a hair too short to go with 96" panels so we had to jump up to 108". I'd rather not get them hemmed so I'm just going to let them drag. It took 2 double width panels (100x108) for the big window and a single (50x108) for the other window. I'm debating on getting this one cut in half at the dry cleaners...? I think it would look fine as a single panel if I got crafty and made some of my own tiebacks like the ones at Restoration Hardware:

Now I must explain the floor lamp. World Market was having a sale this weekend and I picked up an awesome burlap shade only to get home and find out that it doesn't fit. Grrrrrr, vintage lamps! Honestly, I have always hated that lamp anyway because whatever shade I've had on it, always ends up crooked. I don't want everything to be brand new (and I'm kind of sick of spending so much money in here) but I'm pretty sure I'll end up needing a new floor lamp. Afterall, there are no ceiling lights in this room so a lamp or two is a necessity.

Something awesome I noticed about the World Market Lamp Shade...the frame is adjustable to fit with or without a harp. I'm going to hang onto it for now as I search for another floor lamp. I've seen a lot of cool stuff made out of old rice or coffee bean burlap bags. Obviously this one is new and not made out of a bag but how neat would it look painted up to look like it was? :-) I think it would add to the industrial look I was going for in this space.

My Dad is building me a coffee table for my birthday and I am hoping to add a few industrial decorative pieces to the room while still keeping it simple!

I got this reproduction antique pulley from Hobby Lobby because it was super cheap. I'm actually thinking I need to hunt down some REAL old ones for a more authentic look. Not sure where I'd display them yet...

Then there's this big (again, reproduction) Pennzoil sign. Another Hobby Lobby find. I'm worried that too many pieces of art will clutter this space. I already have a vintage Mad Max poster framed in old barn wood and I like the idea of that being the big showstopper in the room. I do enjoy a pop of color like this in my very neutral palette!